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Mosaic Class Supplies Info

The Creative Arts Center has some materials and supplies on hand and available for your use. Others things you may want to bring.

On hand for your use

Basic side-biter nippers
Adhesives: WeldBond Glue, Mastic, Thinset Mortar
Grout in lots of colors
Grout sponges, buckets, etc.
Latex gloves
A limited selection of ceramic tile that has been donated (Some glazed, some matte, some for exterior use, some for interior only. Colors are limited. Example: in interior tile, there may be yellow but no orange, purple but no blue, etc.)

To bring

Must bring:
A base to work onto (example: board, tray, picture frame, etc.)

Tile Nippers (If you plan on continuing with mosaics - your's will be better!)
Leponitt wheeled cutters are recommended for using with glass but not mandatory.
Small trowel shaped pallette knife if working in thinset
Safety glasses and/or a dust mask - always recommended.
Any special adhesives needed for your project. (Example: epoxy for
working onto metal or silicone)
Materials - use tiles from the Center's limited selection or bring your own (tiles, vitreous glass, broken china, flat-back marbles, etc. Thinner and flatter are better. Advanced class participants; consider bringing vitreous glass, smalti, etc. See Suppliers on the links page on Sonia's web site for potential sources.)

Check out the pictures of student work.



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